Hoosier Accounts Service

Debt Collection Services

Medical Accounts

Medical debt collection requires a level of special training and professionalism that other debt collection agencies are not necessarily prepared to take on. Our in-house legal support department keeps Hoosier Accounts Service up-to-date with the latest HIPAA laws and new regulations concerning Protected Health Information (PHI). Thus making you and your debtor's security and confidentiality a top priority. more →

Retail Accounts

Part of our debt collection strategy at Hoosier Accounts Service is the education of our clients. Planning ahead is the best strategy in retail debt collection, and the collection rate is much higher when you have accurate information to work with. We will assist you and your employees to establish procedures for getting accurate information from customers up front. more →

Commercial Accounts

Commercial debt collection is like retail debt collection in that planning ahead is the best debt collection strategy. All too often business deals are made on a handshake rather than with a contract. Hoosier Accounts Service offers consultation services to help you and your business plan ahead, and debt collection services to help you recover your losses when a deal does not pan out. more →

In-House Legal Support Department

As a part of our dedication to providing the most comprehensive debt collection service, Hoosier Accounts Service has established our own in-house legal support department. This support department is overseen by an independent attorney with more than 25 years of experience in the debt collection field which will give your litigated account a much better chance of recovery. more →